Shadow Warrior 2 is free on GOG right now!


Multiple Wangs for free! is hosting an anniversary sale for its 10th year of business. Along with a whole round of sales on various games, 2016’s Shadow Warrior 2 is free! If you and your friends have been itching for a new co-op shooter to play, why not head on over to GOG’s storefront and add Lo Wang’s latest adventure to your collection? As a word of warning, the “Deluxe Edition” is not on sale, so don’t accidentally add that to your cart.

For what other games you should grab, there are a couple of ridiculously cheap bundles with tons of classic games. The best has to be “The Timeless Essentials” that includes System Shock 2, Another World, Theme Hospital and Dungeon Keeper 2 for $5. That is an absolute steal and basically, any one of those games is worth $5 on its own.

Here are my recommendations should you have cash burning a hole in your pocket:

Here is a breakdown of each 10th-anniversary bundle GOG has:

The Timeless Essentials – $5

  • Another World
  • Dungeon Keeper 2
  • System Shock 2
  • Theme Hospital

The Art of Aging Gracefully – $10

  • Dragon Age: Origins
  • Homeworld
  • Owlboy

The Modern Classics – $25

  • Battle Chasers: Nightwar
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  • Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun