Shakedown: Hawaii is getting its first big update soon, developer now focusing on shipping 3DS version


Update one is out on PC and PS4, soon on Switch/Vita

Shakedown: Hawaii arrived on PC, PS4, Vita, and Switch earlier this month, and people really seem to be taking to it.

As part of developer Vblank’s efforts to keep the game updated and fresh (similar to how they handled Retro City Rampage), it’s getting a string of free DLC and patches, like the most recent “Mogul Update,” that hit PC and PS4 (and is on the way for Vita and Switch, as they’re still in the certification process).

The big quality of life stuff are things like more visible shop icons on the map, and faster ways to buy property. Gameplay has also been directly impacted by the patch, with more scenarios, the chance to pawn weapons, expanded building interiors, and improved police chases.

The big news however is that now that the game has been smoothed over, Vblank is now free to focus on shipping the 3DS version, which still has an unspecified 2019 release date.

Shakedown Hawaii Update # 1 [Vblank]