Shakedown: Hawaii's second major free update is live, and it has tanks


This game is low key one of the best of 2019 so far

Shakedown: Hawaii is doing a lot of things, as an indie, that big games aren’t.

First off it got a Vita release this year as a new game in 2019, which pretty much everyone has abandoned beyond Limited Run Games (which mostly hosts ports), which is fairly big. It’s also hosting free DLC in the form of updates, the first of which was the “Mogul Update.” This week we’re getting “Full Tank,” which should be fairly obvious in terms of its focus.

Bueller? Bueller? Yes, this update is tank-centric, allowing you to command “more vehicles,” which includes the aforementioned killing machine. Other enhancements include a zoomed-out camera option, off-island traveling via the airport, vehicle purchasing, the ability to transfer money between playable characters, and the chance to play the game console in your house.

Shakedown: Hawaii is currently available for PC (Epic Store, with Steam coming later), Switch, and PS4/Vita (cross-buy). If you’re holding out for the 3DS edition, developer Vblank has an update: “The Nintendo 3DS version is on the way and has been submitted to Nintendo. It shouldn’t be long now! Stay tuned!”