Shanghai mall lets wives leave husbands in gaming pods


It’s like you never even left the house

If relationshipstereotypes ring true, then odds are you’ve been dragged to a shopping mall by a spouse or significant other when you would rather be playing video games.

Well, the Global Harbor Mall in Shanghai has a solution. They’ve installed glass pods where women can leave their husbands to play video games while they shop.

Each pod features some sort of gaming device, a chair, and a monitor. The pods feature some ’90s classics like Tekken. Local news outlet The Paper showed off a video of some of the pods in action.

At a glance, the idea seems pretty cool, but maybe if you’re forcing your partner to go shopping with you just to stick them in an air-conditionedgaming pod, they should’ve just stayed home in the first place.

The notion of onlookers staring at me playing some Tekken in a little glass dome is also troubling. I don’t think we’ll see these making an appearance stateside anytime soon, but it certainly is a strange sight to behold.

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