Shenmue III gets a delay to the second half of 2018 that I'm totally fine with


Please don’t screw this up

Kickstarter projects are playing with fire when they pick up beloved franchises. Any move you make is under a microscope, and if you screw up, may God have mercy on your studio. The team behind Shenmue IIIdoesn’t want to be lumped in with that crowd, so they’ve delayed the game.

Yu Suzuki delivered the news himself by way of a video log this morning, noting that “unfortunately, we must delay the release,” because (wait for it), “the game has become bigger and more beautiful than I initially expected.” Now it’s set for the back half of 2018.

It’s good that a lot of current Kickstarters are realizing that you can’t just come out of the gate with every platform as a stretch goal and physical rewards for every backer level. Mighty No. 9is stillhaving problems with physical rewards.