Shovel Knight amiibo probably coming to US early next year


Really early

Shovel Knight, the greatest hero to wield a shovel since The Shoveler, is getting his own amiibo. That we know. We also know this future garage sale item will most likely be hitting stores in Europe this November. What we don’t know is when gamers in the US, with the insatiable amiibo appetite they seem to have, will be able to add him to their ever growing collection. While Yacht Club Games has been silent on the matter, online retailers have not.

Best Buy and Target have both opened pages for the Shovel Knight amiibo with a release date of January 8, 2016; which will be perfect for all those day after Orthodox Christmas sales. As of right now you are not able to pre-order the figure at either site, but we’ll let you know when you can. Or, we won’t tell you, buy them all up ourselves and then sell them to you at an inflated rate. Because we’re evil like that.

The Best Buy page is pretty sparse on info, but if you haven’t been clued in to what the Shovel Knight amiibo will do, the Target page has a pretty thorough summary of everything we know so far, including the Wii U exclusive co-op mode and details about customization options.