Shovel Knight permanently discounted on Switch/PC if you own Specter of Torment


Late, but welcome

Yacht Club Games managed to deliver two amazing DLC campaigns on top of an already stellar core, and it has one more left for us still (and three amiibo to release).

While we wait for that King Knight-helmed “King of Cards” expansion Switch owners have a bit to celebrate over, as the studio is now permanently discounting the game for those of you who already bought Specter of Torment.

As a recap, the Switch originally launched with Specter of Torment as a timed exclusive, leaving those buyers in a precarious spot if they wanted to re-buy the original all over again. Now they can pick up the Treasure Troveedition (read: GOTY/Premium/Ultra) that comes with everything for 40% off. This deal also extends to Steam, GOG, and Humble Bundle on PC.

I don’t know who this applies to as most of the people I’ve spoken to already own Shovel Knightin some form, but for those of you who were holding out, it paid off.

A Deal to Treasure [Shovel Knight]