Sick of PvP? Star Wars Battlefront II has two new modes for you


Instant Action and Co-Op

Star Wars Battlefront II is still hanging in there, and as much as I’ve slipped away from actively following the game, DICE’s next content update – Cooperation – is considerable enough to warrant coverage.

The Cooperation Update launches on September 25 with the overgrown planet Felucia (as seen in Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: The Clone Wars), the coveted Clone Commando (RIP, Republic Commando), and a pair of game modes that should resonate with anyone who’s tired of losing in PvP.

As a lapsed player, the most interesting prospects are Instant Action – an offline mode with large-scale battles against AI-controller forces – and Co-Op, a four-player objective-based mode. Both modes are Clone Wars-centric, and they sound like a nice change of pace from the usual Battlefront II skirmishes.

Luke Skywalker’s farmboy outfit from A New Hope is also on the way as an unlockable. “It’s collectible through a special in-game challenge between October 11-18, where you’re tasked to eliminate 150 AI enemies in the new Co-Op mode,” according to DICE. “Additionally, also between October 11-18, Darth Maul’s ‘KENOBI!’ emote – inspired by the ‘Twin Suns’ episode of Star Wars Rebels – is rewarded to anyone who successfully captures 15 command posts on Felucia in Capital Supremacy.”

I forget how good Battlefront II looks. I don’t care to play it anymore, but the spectacle is impressive.

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