Sifu has already seen 500,000 vengeful players throw down


But how many have found justice?

Last week saw the long-awaited launch of Sloclap’s face-busting RPG brawler, Sifu. Whether full of pent-up frustration or simply up for the ruck, it appears that a lot of people were ready to start throwing fists, as the studio has announced that the title has shifted over 500,000 copies on PlayStation and PC.

“We’re humbled that more than half a million of you have embarked on your path of vengeance so far,” reads a succinct message on the official Sloclap Twitter. “From everyone at Sloclap, THANK YOU.”

Sifu, which launched on February 8 after a lengthy delay, is the tale of a young martial artist who chooses to dedicate his life to the destruction of those responsible for slaying his family. As our protagonist falls time and again on their do-or-die quest, they return to the battle — older, wiser, and exceedingly more dangerous — as they shape their body and their skillset to overcome the odds.

The bone-breaking RPG won universal praise from critics for its dynamic action and interesting choice to blend the brawler, RPG, and roguelike genres together. It has also been regularly noted that Sifu is something of a real challenge, often stacking the deck against the player and encouraging patience, practice, and adaptation to the increasingly dangerous situations the protagonist faces.

Sifu is available now on PS4, PS5, and PC. Check out Eric Van Allen’s review for Destructoid. Incidentally, if you haven’t already, be sure to take a look at the excellent live-action short right here.

We’re humbled that more than half a million of you have embarked on your path of vengeance so far.?From everyone at @sloclap, THANK YOU❤️#SifuGame #Sifu

— SifuGame (@SifuGame) February 11, 2022