Signalis is a sci-fi survival horror game worth following


I didn’t expect to see a King in Yellow nod today

Signalis isn’t your everyday survival horror game – not even close. It’s drawing from icons like Resident Evil and Silent Hill as much as it is Blame! and Ghost in the Shell, and it’s low-poly to great effect.

According to creator rose-engine, Signalis is a “Eurasian cold-war retro-tech sci-fi take on cosmic horror.” I love that specificity. I also love the disparate but still cohesively unnerving art direction.

A bit about the game’s premise: “After her ship crash-landed on a remote, snow-covered planet, the Replika Elster is looking for her missing crew member. In her search she wanders through the ruins of a seemingly abandoned underground labor camp, surreal visions of cosmic horror, and flashbacks to a past that isn’t hers. As the lines between reality and dream blur, Elster has to venture into the depths below the planet’s surface to learn what has happened to her and why.”

“Combat is only a last resort since ammunition is scarce and enemies are not easily defeated, so players must carefully choose when to fight and when to run.” That’s music to my ears. Make us sweat.

Signalis is coming to Steam, but it doesn’t have a release date in mind. Wishlist it so you don’t forget.