You want a new Silent Hill? Have a skateboard instead! Cowabunga, man!


Pyramid Shred

Konami has a new Silent Hill update for fans. No, it’s not a new entry in the long-dormant survival horror series, but a new piece of merch in the form of a limited edition skateboard — just like the one famously ridden by James Sunderland in 2001’s Silent Hill 2.

The new deck features a slick black-and-red design, along with a pop-art sketch of everyone’s favorite Silent Hill babe, the Brookhaven Hospital Nurse. The board will be available in two distinct styles: one featuring more subdued coloring, with the other choosing a more Day-Glo palette of yellows, pinks, and blues to match your Bermuda shorts. Ay Carumba!!

(Note: I’m aware skateboarding is a contemporary sport, and I actually like the deck design here. I’m just continuously boggled by Konami’s decision to promote everything about Silent Hill aside from the games themselves.)

In addition to the skateboard, a selection of Silent Hill shirts, baseball caps, and cushions will also be headed to the Official Konami Store. All of these items will go on sale June 23 at 16:00PT / 19:00 ET / 00:00 BST. The skateboards are limited edition and only available while stocks last, so be sure to be there at the jump if you want to put your name down for one. No price for any of the items has been revealed.

As for a new Silent Hill game? Well, there was no word at E3 last week, sadly, but rumors and whispers continue that the horror aficionados at Bloober Team have been working with a “famous gaming publisher” and might have something under its dark sleeve.