SimplyGames PS4 pre-order price hike is 'unlawful'


Price raised from ?349.99 to ?414.99

If you’re a UK resident and pre-ordered your PS4 from SimplyGames, you might want to check on the status of your order, as the retailer has apparently hiked the previously locked in price of £349.99 to £414.9. Lots of controversy has arisen over the past few days, as SimplyGames claims that the hike is only because “they’re getting less units than initially planned,” so they’re forcing you to upgrade.

As a result of said response, Eurogamer looked into the matter, and found out that not everything adds up — and for now, SimplyGames is sticking with their stance of an increase. Now, the UK’s Trading Standards body is getting involved, stating that, “This appears to be profiteering. It is illegal and up to the Home Authority to intervene if the seller is UK based. This is one of those occasions when swift injunctive action is needed to prevent consumers being ripped off.”

Right now there seems to be a stalemate happening, but expect some new developments very soon — or at least, before the system’s November launch.

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