This sinister Gengar plush captures that classic Pokemon magic


Concept art brought to life

Not to overthink a humble tweet about a cool-looking Gengar plush from Pokemon fan @osakaplush, but holy crap, this is just fantastic. The plush evokes Ken Sugimori’s classic watercolor art that resonated with a generation of curious Game Boy-toting players, and it’s got that wow factor, especially once you see Gengar’s full spin in the video.


— osaka (@osakaplush) January 19, 2022

The illustrated effect is even more impressive when you go look at the very official — and very purple — Gengar plushes for comparison. I mean, sure, they’re fine. But this!

Looking back through the creator’s previous work, @osakaplush also posted their take on a Bulbasaur plush (and a smug-looking Pot of Greed that’s cracking me up).


— osaka (@osakaplush) November 16, 2021

Which ‘mon would you like to see them adapt into plush form next? Charmander? Squirtle? A huggable Kakuna? I feel spoiled. Gengar is my favorite, so I’m covered.

As much as it would never happen without some serious outside force, just once, I wish Game Freak would go all-in on a Pokemon game that absolutely nailed the watercolor aesthetic. While the old designs aren’t always as “refined,” they’re so full of personality.

The series’ art feels set in its ways at this point, which is great for consistency and all, but it can lack impact at times. And even if younger fans may or may not have a particular affection for the painterly aethsetic, that would be a hell of a bone to throw to the older players who are still hanging in there after two decades of Pokedex-filling adventures.

But enough of that — I’m falling into the old Pokemon trap again. I’m hoping for bold changes in a global property that’s raking in absurd amounts of money as is. I shouldn’t get myself riled up right before Pokemon Legends: Arceus. I shouldn’t, but I will.