Sir Patrick Stewart kicks off Feastivus in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville


The game’s holiday update launched today

It’s been December for not even two whole days and I’ve already watched my first traditional Christmas movie (Jingle All the Way – don’t ask). There’s no escaping it. Soon, holiday cheer will come for us all.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is getting into the spirit with a snowy present-filled makeover of Giddy Park, a social hub where plant and zombie players can mingle and duke it out. Alongside update 1.03, PopCap went ahead and booked Sir Patrick Stewart to recite a festive poem.

You don’t need to love Plants vs. Zombies to get a kick out of this. The man has a way with words!

In terms of new content, Battle for Neighborville has a multiplayer map Oozevoir that’s full of pink goop. It’s playable in Team Vanquish, Mix Modes, and Ops. Otherwise, the 1.03 update is cosmetic-centric. Rux’s Emporium started selling outfits in exchange for a new type of currency, Rainbow Stars, that’s purchasable with real money ($4.99 for 500 Stars) and earnable in-game. I’m not surprised.

At the high end, there’s a bundle that costs $74.99 for 8,700 Rainbow Stars. This might be a good time for any parents in the room to double and then triple-check that their console has parental controls.

The developers also made some PvE balance changes – most notably, activities like Bounty Hunts now come with a cooldown – and players aren’t thrilled. Keeping up with ongoing challenges can be a grind. If you’re still into Battle for Neighborville, the Feastivus Prize Map has begun and there are two big carrots on the stick: a Super Rare Abominable Chomper and a Legendary Inspiration Elf Engineer.

I’m here for the legendary Sir Patrick Stewart, the holiday-themed map redesign, and that’s it.

Feastivus and Patch Notes are Coming to Neighborville [EA]