SkateBird's new office video puts the 'grind' in 'daily grind'


Sick Chick

It’s been a minute since we heard from avian xtreme sports title SkateBird, which will see your local bird-box buddies take to four-wheeled decks and bust out some sweet-ass feathered flips, bro. But developer Glass Bottom Games has returned with a brand new video, showcasing the absurd but fun-looking skater.

The new two-minute preview gives us a look at SkateBird‘s “Office,” as our adorable feathered friends take advantage of desktops, staplers, magazines, and other stationery (literally) items in order to pull off a sick run, racking up combos, points, and bonuses along the way. The video is narrated by Glass Bottom Games’ Xalavier Nelson Jr., who provides context for the amusing on-screen action.

SkateBird will feature a selection of suitably improvised stages, multiple customization options, a bevy of bird tricks, and a thoroughly wholesome and heartening storyline, which sees our tiny hero attempting to rekindle his human owner’s love of skating once again. SkateBird will also allow players to import their own soundtracks, ensuring that your amazing runs are accompanied by some “lo-fi birb hop beats.” It’s definitely looking to be a perfect chill-out title after a hard day’s nest-building.

SkateBird launches later in 2021 on PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.