Skyrim: Special Edition gets more 'realistic' with a new survival mode


And it’s a paid mod

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the game that just won’t go away. Whether or not you actually enjoyed the title, it has remained popular over the last six years and Bethesda is gunning to keep it that way. We’ve seen a special edition remaster, the odd (and off-putting) “Creation Club”, and now a brand new game mode!

Launching next week (although currently in beta on PC), “Survival Mode” will add a bunch of parameters to the main game such as hunger, fatigue and temperature meters as well as disabling automatic health regeneration and fast traveling. Leveling up also requires you to sleep in beds, similar to how Final Fantasy XV worked. It sounds a lot like the Frostfall mod that was available for the original game.

This new mode will only be available through the “Creation Club” for owners of the special edition and will be free for just one week. You read that right; in two weeks, you’ll have to pay to experience Bethesda’s vision of survival. Never change, Bethesda.

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