Slept on platformer Volgarr the Viking will be hitting Switch soon


Also Wii U

Volgarr the Viking dropped in 2013 on PC, and eventually, Xbox One and Sony platforms, and I’ve made it a mainstay replay ever since.

It’s a fantastic platformer that just flows so well, and is tough-as-nails, but not overly so in an unfair way. If you haven’t had the chance to play it yet or pick it up on any number of its sales the past few years, you’ll get the opportunity to play it on Switch (and Wii U) soon enough.

Developer Crazy Viking Studios has shared that “if all goes well,” Volgarrwill arrive on the eShop on October 5. You read that right — Wii U is included in that mix funnily enough, which isn’t all that weird since the Wii U still gets the occasional indie eShop release. As long as the port is sound, I highly recommend giving it a shot.

Crazy Viking Studios [Twitter]