Sleuths find signs of more missing missions in Metal Gear Solid V


The Phantom Game

Which works better? “The Phantom Game,” wherein all of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has a phantom writhing in its codes, a Ghost in the Machine, and also “game” and “pain” are like almost near rhymes; or, the much more obvious, “The Phantom Missions,” which sounds worse? Let me know.

Konami itself let us see a somewhat important chapter that was completely cut from the game and is otherwise very god damn necessary to wrap up a story thread in The Phantom Pain (let alone actually connect to the rest of the series). But could there be more?

Not quite cut, but likely never to be found otherwise, there is one tangential ending. But there’s also the data-mining that pointed to an entire cut third chapter, “Peace,” as if the pacing wasn’t messed up enough. Even more data-mining on reddit has found additional missions, including a bunch more “replay on harder difficulty” ones in Africa, which could be roughly the same size as “Chapter 2.”

MGSV complete mission list (95 missions, 27 missing, 10 hidden?) [reddit]