Slime Rancher just added more cuteness!


New update adds content

I’m pretty sure I was right when I said Slime Rancherwould be the next big indie hit — although it is no Stardew Valleyand now the game is getting even better.

In update version 0.3.0 released today, players will be able to explore a new area called The Indigo Quarry that is made up of cliffs and caves where new Rad Slimes live. From the sound of it, Rad Slimes put off radiation, hence their name. There is also a new variation of the super-adorable Tabby Slimes called Lucky Slimes that gobble up newbuck coins.

Another game mode, 5-Day Rush, was added as well. It has players attempting to earn as much in-game currency as they can over the course of five days.

Slime Rancher is available on Steam Early Access for $19.99 and is already worth the asking price, if you ask me. It is one of the more feature-rich games on the service and a hella cute time.