Slowpoke: A short story


Did I just write Pok?mon fanfic?

It was morning.

Slowpoke’s eyes casually fluttered open, as bit by bit the creature came to the realization it had survived another night. Costively, Slowpoke began mulling over what to do with its day. This went on for some time.

After having a nice long think, Slowpoke was no closer to a decision than when it had started. Perhaps it could eat. Perhaps it should sleep. Perhaps it should do whatever the fuck else a Slowpoke does. Did it need to take a poo? Maybe. Slowpoke was unsure.

Suddenly, Slowpoke began to get up. Not for any particular reason, mind you. It just seemed like a good idea at the time. However, as it began to get its legs under itself, the pink critter forgot what it was doing. Slowpoke then proceeded to gaze off into space with its blank, vacant stare.

“Slowpoke,” said Slowpoke slowly. “Slow…” it trailed off.

And Slowpoke lived a lethargic existence ever after,until the end of its days.