Smash Bros. gets one more dedicated Direct, and it's happening next month


What does Nintendo have left?

Last week’s Nintendo Direct had a Smash-centric bombshell in the announcement of Final Fantasy VII‘s Cloud Strife coming to the game as DLC. That closed out the show, but the rest was dedicated to an array of other Nintendo titles. In December, Smash Bros. won’t have to share the spotlight with anyone. It’s getting its own Direct for the fourth and final time.

Next month’s Direct is dedicated to Smash Bros. in its entirety. Nintendo hasn’t given a date for the event yet, just that it’s taking place in December. Nintendo says this will be the last Direct that only focuses on Smash. The game will be 13 months old at that point.

Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the end of Smash news. Nintendo can still (and will likely) include it in its own segments of other events. Interest in the game remains high enough that Nintendo will keep it a priority.

There’s a good probability that this final Smash Direct will clear up some unsettled business surrounding the game. It’d be a fine time to lay out some of the other planned add-ons and accompanying amiibo.Also, it was never revealed who the winner of the fan vote for DLC was. Don’t expect Nintendo to be all out of bombshells; something tells me it still has a trick or two up its sleeve.

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