Smash Ultimate boss explains that coronavirus concerns may delay the release of Fighters Pass 2 DLC


Sakurai isn’t sure what’s going to happen

A lot of studios were quick to respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but not all of them are equipped to handle remote work as well as others. As a newMasahiro SakuraiFamitsu column intimates, the SmashUltimateteam could be one of those studios that shuts down if an emergency strikes.

Speaking to Famitsu (and translated by famed Sakurai column translator PushDustIn), Sakurai explains that the upcoming Fighter’s Pass 2 DLC could be impacted by the spread of the coronavirus. The main holdup is due to the fact that he can’t leave the country and meet with a publisher to seal the deal for one DLC (hinting that at least one of the characters is a non-Japanese-made-entity) because of border entry lockdowns.

It is currently unclear if multiple characters are impacted or just this specific one, but Sakurai continues to note that should someone in his office be tested positive for COVID-19, development would be put on hold completely.

Of course, games are the least of our concerns right now, but Sakurai felt the need to share his thoughts on a game he has dedicated his life to and temper expectations. Sadly, tempering expectations seems to never work for anything Smashrelated.

Smash Ultimate [Ryokutya2089 via PushDustIn]