Smash Ultimate…smashes Japanese sales records, already beat lifetime Smash 3DS sales



Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is pretty much knocking it out of the park in every respect. It’s doing incredibly critically and commercially, crushing it in multiple regions.

But in Japan, it’s doing very, very well for itself. According to information from Game Data Library, Smash Ultimateon Switch has outsold every Smash in existence in five weeks in Japan, including the previous top-spot in the region: the 3DS edition of Super Smash Bros. Yep, Ultimatebeat out three years of Smash3DS sales in five weeks, when the handheld was still wildly popular over there.

Smash Ultimateis rocking 2.6 million units sold compared to the 2.5 million of the 3DS edition, cementing it as the number one spot with the 3DS version firmly at number two, beating out Brawl. Given the clandestine nature of digital sales, the Switch sales numbers are probably even higher in the east.

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