Smash Ultimate's next spirit event might actually matter to you


Slow roulette, more SP

If you haven’t picked up all the spirits in Smash Ultimateyet, this weekend might be the time to do it.

According to the official SmashTwitter account, the next spirit event is going to be more than just a simple theme-job: the implications of “Spirit Shield Slowdown” are going to ripple throughout the entire game. In short it’s functioning as a “Triple SP” weekend, not unlike the ones Activision offers for Call of Duty, among other publishers.

But wait, there’s more! Spirit shields are also going to spin slower (hence the slowdown moniker), so you won’t have as much trouble nailing them (see the header above with the opening crack in the shield: it’ll be easier to thread the needle so to speak).

Spirit Shield Slowdown will begin on May 24 and will last throughout the weekend.

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