Sneak 27% off Shadow Warrior 2 before Thursday's launch


Totally Ninja deal

Update 10/12: Publishers have put the hammer down on discounts for Shadow Warrior 2. Best you can do is 15% off now instead of the 27% off. See below.

Katanas meet Kalashnikovs for PC gamers in this Thursday’s release ofShadow Warrior 2. We’re just a few days out from its launch, but new rounds of Steam key deals are surfacing, some as high as 27% off.

Shadow Warrior 2 Pre-Order Deals

There are two retailers most prominently promoting discounts on Shadow Warrior 2: Green Man Gaming and DLGamer. GMG is only selling the Standard Edition but has the best discount. At GMG, after logging in and using coupon code VIP5, you’ll drop to the price from $40 to $29.25 for a 27% price break — an uncommonly high discount for a pre-order.

If you want the more expensive Deluxe Edition of Shadow Warrior 2, check out DLGamer. There you’ll see a 22% drop to $39.97, which is the best price online from an authorized retailer.

The Deluxe Edition of the game is entirely meant for big fans of the Shadow Warrior experience. In the Deluxe, you’ll get a digital art book, soundtrack, and a pack of three gold skins: Gold Ninja Skin, Gold Katana, and Gold MP7. We’re not sure if that’s worth an extra $10, but if you want to bling it out in the game, the option is there.

PC gamers get first dibs on Shadow Warrior 2 with Thursday’s impending launch date. The console versions will go live in early 2017.