SNK's 1999 shmup Strikers 1945 Plus takes flight once again


Arcade action for modern platforms

The second offering from retro enthusiasts Hamster is a twitchy arcade classic. Fans of shmups can take to the skies once more in a great arcade release from the late ’90s, Strikers 1945 Plus, available now on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Hitting Japanese arcades in 1999, Psikyo’s Striker’s 1945 Plus is a remade and re-balanced edition of 1997’s PlayStation and Sega Saturn title Strikers 1945. Players choose from one of six stylised WWII aircraft and shoot off into battle against the dangerous mecha army, The F.G.R.

What follows is eight stages of fast-paced, bullet-dodging score-attack action, with one or two players weaving in and out of danger while unleashing powerful weaponry and smart bombs. Once the forces of The F.G.R. are destroyed, the players are scored on their speed, accuracy and survival skills, before being rewarded with raised difficulty. Gee, thanks.

Still a solid blast to this day, it might be worth checking out if you have a few bucks to spare and a pal to join you in some classic retro-shmup action. Strikers 1945 Plus is available now on PS4 in Japan and one Xbox One and Nintendo Switch worldwide, priced around $8.