SNK's King of Fighters '97 Global Match coming in April


Destroy Orochi and his feathered bowl-cut

SNK have announced that The King of Fighters ’97 Global Match, initially revealed at the recent EVO Japan tournament, will land on multiple platforms this coming April.

Global Match will be a straight port of the Neo Geo fighting classic, which brings about the end of the series’ “Orochi” story arc. The game will feature online support, with PS4 and PS Vita players able to throw-down with each other in 3-vs-3 fighting action.

It is a bit of an odd release, to be honest. KoF ’97 is a fine title, but with so many KoF re-releases over the last ten years, be it through Hamster, retail compilations, the PSN store or, best of all, the excellent ’98 Ultimate Match and ’02 Unlimited Match, it feels a little random to pull a bare-bones port of KoF ’97 out of the lineup and go “It’s 2018, better get this online”.

Regardless, The King of Fighters ’97 Global Match launches in April on PS4, PS Vita and PC.