So Chandelure actually looks pretty badass in Pokken Tournament


Home Depot: The Fighting Game

I stopped buying Pokémon games about when Chandelure entered the universe, so honestly I didn’t know what to expect from the fighting light fixture. I definitely didn’t plan on seeing it beat the shit out of Pikachu Libre with a freaking laser beam. Chandelure might be the last Pokémon you’d expect to see in Pokkén, but it definitely can hold its own against fighters like Gardevoir and Shadow Mewtwo.Chandelure completesPokkén‘sroster of 16 Pokémon, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Bidoof DLC sometime down the line.

I find myself caring more and more about this game every time a trailer is released. Pokkén Tournament is exactly like what I wanted Pokémon Stadium to be way back when when I was young and naive. I can’t just turn my back on something this childhood pleasing.

Pokkén Tournament releases for the Wii U on March 18.