So, Gravity Rush 2 seems to have a TON of online components


That’s good!

I didn’t realize how embedded in asynchronous online play Gravity Rush 2was, but it seems to have a lot of good mechanics involved with normal play. For one, online events can randomly spring up on the map, along with treasure hunts, which you can take photos of to share hints with other players.

Speaking of photos, you can rate other pictures, and if yours are rated, you’ll earn an in-game currency called “Dusty Tokens.” Time trial challenges with ghosts are in, as are “mine” missions that evolve based on how many people are online . In the mines you can die,and drop some currency for other players to find, Soulsstyle.

All of this sounds optional. Yep, yep, I’m loving this.

Gravity Rush 2 Details Its Asynchronous Online Features And Costumes In New Footage [Siliconera]