So how about that May 1 Shulk amiibo restock


Has it shipped for you?

The mad rush of amiibo ordering really started at the tail end of Wave 2, once consumers realized that the rare trend (Pit, Little Mac) was not going to stop. After the Trinity in Wave 1 people were on already edge, but the multiple exclusive figures in Wave 3 really set people off their rockers. The craze was real, and Shulk was one of those figures that you just couldn’t find at launch.

Thankfully GameStop conceded with an extra round of pre-orders the day of Shulk’s launch, set for a May 1 release date. That was back in February, and the date is rapidly approaching this Friday. After being reminded by a friend I checked my order status, only to find out that it wasn’t canceled, or preparing for shipment.

We’ve reached out to GameStop to find out if all shipments are still on on track, and will update you if we learn more. For now, check your order.