SOE opens up item creation in PlanetSide 2


Look for user-made items in the marketplace

While item creation doesn’t necessarily fit with every game, I look forward to a future where more online games adopt the Team Fortress 2 model or some approximation of it. Let users create assets that can be sold in a marketplace — it makes them happy, obviously, and it gives us what is often professional-quality, creative stuff. The developer gets a nice cut of the revenue, too.

It’s for these reasons and more that I’m glad to see Sony Online Entertainment add support for Player Studio to its massively multiplayer first-person shooter PlanetSide 2. You’ll be able to createdecals, hood ornaments, camo patterns, vehicle canopy overlays, and helmets under the system. For those lucky items that do get featured on the marketplace, SOE will take a 60 percent cut of revenues earned, with checks going out every quarter to the creator.

There’s a dedicated site over here that explains the basics, if you’re keen to break out the modeling software.