SOMA seems like a good fit for eye tracking


Next up, VR? (I wish!)

I’d say SOMA is plenty unnerving as is, but maybe you’d like to ratchet up the immersion and tension. Maybe you also happen to own one of those fancy eye-tracking devices. If so, heads up! Frictional Games has updated its existential underwater horror adventure to support Tobii eye tracking.

This video highlights some of the obvious and far more subtle examples of what SOMA looks like with the feature enabled. I’d imagine that once you get used to the way the camera reacts to your gaze, it’s a little easier to naturally “sink into” the game and get proper scared. Then there’s the monsters. They, uh, they don’t like being looked at. Trying not to stare might prove extra tricky here.

Whether you’re remotely into this stuff or not, there’s bonus news: Frictional is throwing a Steam sale on SOMA ($10.19), Amnesia: The Dark Descent ($3.99), Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs ($3.99) Penumbra: Black Plague Gold Edition ($1.99), and Penumbra Overture ($1.99)

Tobii eye tracking in SOMA! [Steam]