SOMA sold a million copies on PC and it deserves every last sale


Frictional sees it as ‘a seal of quality’ and validation ‘that our games receive a strong push over time through word of mouth’

SOMA has got to be one of my favorite horror games of the past decade – doubly so when I try to think about contenders that aren’t remasters, remakes, or rehashes. It’s heartwarming to hear that I’m far from alone in feeling that way, and that it’s continuing to sell well by Frictional Games’ measure.

In a mostly Amnesia: Rebirth-focused blog post, the studio mentioned that SOMA has “sold more than one million copies on PC and quite a lot more if you combine it with sales on PS4 and Xbox One.” The milestone actually happened “some time ago” – the developers just now got around to celebrating it.

“Reaching the one-million milestone once again shows that our games have a really long tail and the way we like to interpret that is as a seal of quality and that our games receive a strong push over time through word of mouth. The game even sold quite a lot more last year than it did the year before that, but that has probably a lot to do with the buzz surrounding our studio thanks to the Rebirth release.”

I’m not afraid of the deep ocean, and SOMA messed me up big time anyway. Come for the disturbing horror-game sights, stay for the all-too-real existential dread that sticks with you well after you shut it off. You might’ve heard about a Safe Mode to keep the creeps at bay, but that can only go so far. This is one of those rare horror-adventures you put yourself through for the sake of a powerful story.

Before you go skimming the whole blog, watch out: there are (well-labeled) postmortem spoilers for Amnesia: Rebirth. Sales-wise, the game cleared 100,000 copies in its first five months. Is that enough? It’s not profitable yet – but Frictional feels “really optimistic about the future for the game.”

On a more concrete note, Frictional says it already has two new titles in the works: the developers “just initiated production on the next game (which has now had tons of pre-production time during Rebirth) and we’re kicking off pre-production on a second project as we speak.” Rebirth is still on my list.

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