Some beautiful bastards are making a new Genesis beat-em-up


Who said Sega was dead?

The last game commercially released on the Sega Genesis was a port of Frogger in 1998. If we disregard other homebrew or indie games, then it has been roughly 19 years since any of us had the chance to play a brand new game on the system. That is quite a long time (and probably what we’ll have to wait for Tool’s next album). You could have sired an heir and watch them birth their own offspring in that time.

If you’ve been clinging to Sega’s golden machine all this time, don’t put the old boy out to pasture just yet. Paprium is a neat Final Fight inspired beat-em-up coming out later this year for the old goat. Along with featuring multiplayer action and a save function, it will also include 24 levels and five selectable characters. According to the description on this trailer, it is the largest Genesis cartridge ever produced.

The website is totally bonkers. I love the color scheme and the half naked Japanese guy. Why more games don’t try this approach is beyond me, but I’m on board. Hopefully it doesn’t remain a Genesis exclusive, but I understand if developer WaterMelon Games goes that route. It will be like what Sivak did with Battle Kid; sometimes the nostalgic joy of playing on your old console is part of the charm.