Some details have surfaced about Breath of the Wild's latest patch


Wolf Link still sucks

Nintendo’s ludicrously vague patch notes for Breath of the Wild have led fans to start testing out various things to figure out what a “more pleasant game experience” actually means. In the case of patch 1.12, it looks like Link will have to actually pay for his arrows. According to numerous people, the infinite arrow exploit (that I had no idea existed) has been removed from the game.

Before hand, you could stand just out of reach of an enemy archer and have them continuously shoot arrows at you. Since you can retrieve arrows from the ground in Breath of the Wild, this allowed Link to accumulate however many arrows he needed. While I kind of noticed this when I played through the game, I never thought to farm them out. Looks like you won’t be able to anymore as the game only keeps around 20 arrows on the ground.

Along with that, Wolf Link has received a bit of a debuff. The idea behind the amiibo was that you had to conquer the Cave of Shadows in Twilight Princess HD to power-up your companion to 20 hearts. For some reason, scanning the amiibo was automatically spawning Wolf Link with 20 hearts, so that has been fixed. Now he’ll default to three or spawn with however many hearts you actually finished that bonus cave with.

While I can understand Nintendo fixing the error in the code, I don’t know how this makes Wolf Link more “pleasant” to use. While I was very happy to have him in my game, he often resulted in me screwing up my stealth plans or just being totally useless against bosses like Hinox and Talus. Blindly attacking doesn’t work, you stupid dog! Why not fix his AI?

Whether or not performance issues have been resolved further remains to be seen, but it looks like these changes are related more to gameplay exploits. Ah well, we can’t have fun getting around things forever.

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