Some madman put a giant lens on a Game Boy Camera, just because they could


But should they have

I didn’t own a Game Boy Camera at launch (only one person I know did and their parents were loaded), but I did pick one up eventually out of curiosity. It’s…a thing Nintendo did once, but hero Bastiaan Ekeler managed to step up Nintendo’s game by sticking a giant 3D-printed lens on it (every cool mod is 3D-printed these days).

Ekeler admits that the entire affair is absurd, but managed to cram the thing in nonetheless, and snapped some really cool pictures with the low-tech setup. It’s best explained in his own words: “The lens adapter was designed in Rhinoceros 3D and printer on a Monoprice Select Mini v2 in black PLA at a pretty rough layer height (for speed). Minimal supports and cleanup are required to make the lens fit semi-snugly. The GBC sensor PCB screws into the back of the 3D print and with a little cutting and filing, the whole things mounts onto the partly-disassembled GBC, all with the original hardware. If there is enough interest, I might make some modifications to the 3D model and post it on Thingiverse for others to print and experiment with.”

I wonder if Instragram will adopt a Game Boy filter at some point?

Game Boy Camera Canon EF Lens Mount [] Thanks John!