Some Rainbow Six Siege players found a creative way to get their opponents to lag… and now they're all banned


For once, you can actually blame lag

A few bad apples, that’s all it takes. Some Rainbow Six Siegeplayers have been extraordinarily frustrated this week because of a new exploit that kills the quality of their game.

Ubisoft is in the midst of responding to complaints of players who are intentionally causing Rainbow Six Siegematches to lag or disconnect. The method is deviously simple. They’re just spamming the in-game chat with long strings of symbols, which is apparently enough to overload Rainbow Six Siege‘s circuits. Offenders have been known to wait until critical junctures in the match before deploying their disreputable tactic.

Of course, Ubisoft isn’t idly standing by. It’s handing out bans for anyone who implemented the chat spam subterfuge, the length varying depending on how often a player abused this exploit. It’s seemingly in cause of the greater good, as Ubisoft has updated its code of conduct to forbid any actions that disrupt the flow of gameplay. Ubisoft says “This is our next step towards sanctioning players that knowingly and deliberately take advantage of exploits to the detriment of the overall match.”

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