Someone created Peach's castle in Halo 5


Brick by brick

Someone re-created Peach’s Castle from Mario 64 in Halo 5. That’s good!

Due to the object limit though there’s no interior. That’s bad!

The resourcefulBearskopff has taken to Halo 5‘s Forge mode to craft his own version of the iconic setpiece, and has used all of the game’s assets in a rather ingenious way. The trees for example, are soccer balls, and the entire thing is basically built brick by brick. You can learn a bit more about his process here.

It would be really cool if one day we enter an era where crafting an entire game within a tool like this would be commonplace without size limitations. It’s one of the reasons why Minecraftis so great, years after its launch. It allowed people to do just that.

Bearskopff [imgur]