Someone found out the limit of the Switch's Play Activity timer by playing 9,999 hours of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Over 9,000: the joke writes itself

So this is new.

You know how the Switchâ— kind of like the 3DS’ Activity Logâ— tracks how long you’ve played something? Well Twitter user Samir AID managed to crack that baby wide open, as the timer no longer displays anything past 9,999 hours (though divine forces could still be recording beyond that). The culprit? You guessed it, the indomitable Zelda: Breath of the Wild, whichstillhas our readers enamored two years on.

So how many days is that Final-Fantasy-as-hell 9,999 hours number? Well, according to a quick calculation, that’s nearly 417 days, just over a year’s worth of playtime. Anyone who has used the “/played” command in World of Warcraft can tell you that a digit like that is easily possible. Although a lot of it could have been time spent standing idle in-game, Samir AID seems to really enjoy Breath of the Wildbased on their tweets, and I wish them the best.

No matter how much time was actually spent playing, at least we know the upper limit of the Play Activity log for science.

Samir AID [Twitter via ResetEra]


— Samir AID (@SamirAIDMAN) September 11, 2019