Someone get me this Life is Strange phone case


It’s hella sweet

The last time I got a new phone, the Verizon rep asked me if I’d like to trade in my old phone for credit toward accessories — specifically a case for it. I politely declined and she was shocked. “You mean you don’t want a casefor your new phone?” she prodded. “Nah, I’m good,” I replied. “I’m careful.”

Maybe it’s because I haven’t learned the hard way, but I hate phone cases. I love the form factor of all the phones I’ve ever bought. Why would I want to make it bulkier and more cumbersome? That seems like it’s defeating the purpose.

All that background is necessary to say that there is now one phone case I like: this Life is Strange“Go Fuck Your Selfie” case. It’s perfectly vulgar and wonderfully ironic. This was destined to be a case ever since Victoria delivered that line in episode one.

The problem is that I don’t know if this is meant for mass manufacturing. It’s existence is made known courtesy of one of the game’s marketing staff. There’s nothing about it on the publisher’s official store. It might just be promotional and for those who worked on the game. If so, reverse course and sell these, Square Enix! They’re hella-cool.

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