Someone may have cracked the code on upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC, including a potential Master Roshi appearance


That would be grand

Dragon Ball FighterZ just dropped the Kefla DLC, but someone over on Twitter thinks they may have cracked the code on who’s coming next.

Although Arc System Works teases out the same silhouettes for upcoming DLC (not much help there), there are coloring schemes that are tied to each entry. For Kefla, that color was red, an obvious nod to her outfit. But it stands to reason that the rest (silver, blue, green, tan) will follow suit.

As such, Twitter user Senyu posits that silver is Ultra Instinct Goku (yet another Goku that was already confirmed), blue is Majin Vegeta, green is Pikkon, and tan is Master Roshi. You know what? Other than Ultra Instinct Goku, I could get down with that.

Naturally lotsof characters don those colors throughout the course of the series, and Arc System Works has shown that they don’t mind using the dregs of the Dragon Ballsociety for DLC, so it could be anyone. For now, it’s fun to speculate.

Senyu [Twitter via ResetEra]