Someone pieced together The Last Guardian's world


I can’t get enough of this stuff

Trico is the clear highlight of The Last Guardian (especially when he’s being a good boy), but I’m also enthralled by its world, too. It’s densely detailed and flows believably, just begging you to poke your head around every corner and investigate for secrets and insights. It’s also surprisingly vertical the further in you get. That fact is made clear with this fan-assembled image of the map.

First, reddit user CandykillerArt (great name) put together an extensive view of the play area from high up “[using] a couple of screenshots from the cutscene towards the end of the game” and “a bit of Photoshop trickery” to extract more detail. That alone is pretty cool and worth commending.

Then, building off that effort, redditor LYRAA3 annotated the image with specific scenes from the adventure. If you’ve been trying to work out where everything happened, look no further.

View from the tower. My best attempt to piece together and enhance the view of the play area. [reddit]