Someone remade Call of Duty's 'Shipment' map in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2


The create-a-gift that keeps on giving

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 is out, and hey: Vicarious Visions did a pretty good job with it!

When it was released earlier this month folks were reliving their memories left and right, while also wishing upon a star for a Tony Hawk 3 + 4(but mostly 3) remaster. It also didn’t ship half-heartedly, like the Robomodo re-release (Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD)did in 2012. In other words, it has split-screen play as well as all of the typical create-a suites you’ve come to love. That includes the create-a-park feature, which folks have been going hog wild with these past few weeks.

Over on Reddit, userTomHanks12345 (what a name) shared a fairly nonchalant course that earned the respect of the game’s official Twitter account: Shipment from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. They had to work within the confines of the game’s creation tools, but the layout looks just right!

If you’re playing on PC, you can search for it under the name “Shipment.” Sadly, the create-a-park feature is not cross-platform at the moment (a request that’s since been made after numerous creations have been shared these past few weeks).

Shipment [Reddit via Twitter]

So I made a skateable version of Shipment from Modern Warfare. You can download it on the CAP download now. (PC) from r/THPS