Someone's making a video game about a skateboarding bird


How delightful

Skatebird is a video game about a bird who skateboards in a miniature skatepark with grind rails made out of pencils stacked on top of erasers. It’s coming “soon-ish” to Steam and it’s too cute for words.

Glass Bottom Games assures that players will “feel immediately at home with the controls, if you dig Pro Skaters of a Hawk variety.” Skatebird strives for “physical-feeling skating with simple buttons, not stick gestures.” Aside from completing challenges, there are also hidden tapes to track down.

I’m not entirely convinced by the footage in this trailer, but conceptually, this is fantastic. Skatebird also gives me the very real and not-at-all-made-up excuse to watch videos of pet birds skating for research.

Skateboarding fans are (rightfully) picky about handling and control schemes. It’s a tough thing to get right. If this falls a little short of expectations, that won’t come as a shock. I’m just happy it exists.