Sonic Mania has a minor bug on Switch, but a fix is already in the works


A slight menu delay

In case you haven’t heard, Sonic Maniais pretty great. Although I initially reviewed it on PS4 I’ve also been playing the Switch version, which still feels weird to me as a ’90s kid to see a 2D Sonicon a Nintendo system.

Alas, there’s a small bug that’s exclusive to the Switch edition. Some users have been noting that while playing the game in portable mode, there’s a delay (or in some cases, no response) sometimes when using the screen capture feature or pressing the home button. Developer Christian Whitehead and his team are thankfully on it already though, noting on Twitter that they’re aware of the bugs, accompanied by a cute cartoon.

As far as bugs go this one is pretty tame. Meta-UI features should absolutely work as intended, but I’m glad that the actual game isn’t completely busted or houses a massive disparity between other versions like several Switch port have done.

Christian Whitehead [Twitter]