Sonic the Hedgehog movie now at Paramount


Pray they too never make it

The Sonic the Hedgehogmovie is moving studios. DeadpooldirectorTim Millerwas going to produce with his palJeff Fowlerdirecting andSony had the rights to make it, but they put the project on hold and then just entirely dropped it. Paramount, acting like a hungry dog going after their owner’s dropped scraps, scooped it up.

Want to know why Sony dropped this? Because making a serious Sonic movie is a dumb, nearly impossible idea that should not be done. Obviously a brand name like Sonic looks promising to any studio, especially now that the blue speedster has had a good game that everyone loves, but there are some properties that do not need adaptation. This is especially true considering the fact that this movie is reportedly going to be part live-action and part CGI. It’s just a bad idea all around. Sonic works as a video game character, and as a cartoon sometimes; he does not work as a giant, anthropomorphic CGI movie character.

Who is clamoring for this? I don’t know a single Sonic fan who has been demanding that a Sonic movie be made. Do you?