Sony breaks down the origin of each Spider-Man PS4 suit


Secret exclusive wars

Spider-Man is much more than Peter Parker. Sometimes, he’s Doc Ock. As folks saw in Spider-Verse, “Spider-Man” can sometimes be a symbol for others or something else entirely. There’s decades of history baked into the character typically known as a brainiac high schooler, and in the wake of Spider-Man PS4’s launch last year, Sony is breaking some of it down in a new blog post and video.

Sure, Spider-Man PS4 is a year old this week but the ripples of this fantastic open world action romp are still felt today, and the exclusivity of the inevitable sequel is all but confirmed by the purchase of Insomniac Games by Sony. If you’re at all interested in the character it’s worth diving into the blog, as they have insights from artists and breakdowns of when each suit was actually created.

Although most people think of the recent films when it comes to inspiration for said outfits (for the Iron Man-inspired suits, or all of the suits featured in the Raimi trilogy), nearly all of them have comic book roots. The painstaking attention to detail (with the incorporated history that dates all the way back to Amazing Fantasy) was evident during my playthrough. Insomniac did an admirable job of not only making Spidey accessible, but nostalgic.

The Secret History of Marvel’s Spider-Man Suits [PlayStation Blog]