Sony Computer Entertainment renamed Sony Interactive Entertainment


Not April Fools

Ha, I’ve been trying to make it clear what is and isn’t actual news on this April Fools day, in the Year of our Luigi, but this one is so dull that you can probably figure it out for yourself.

Sony has officially announced that they have changed their name fromSony Computer Entertainment to Sony Interactive Entertainment. This change will take place in America, Europe, and Asia. That’s it. I’m only reporting this to cut down on the confusion factor when people think SCEA went out of business or something.

To me, no matter how many name changes Sony goes through in my lifetime, I will never forget the “Sony Computer Entertainment America!!!” opening at the start of select Crash Bandicoot games.

I wish Naughty Dog still made great, silly games in addition to its ultra-serious current fare.

Corporate Name Change [Sony]