Sony details gamebreaking Bloodborne bug, fix is on the way


Luckily, I didn’t encounter it

Sony has just sent word to Destructoid regarding a progression-hindering bug for Bloodborne— I’ll be as vague as possible to avoid spoilers.It specifically deals with an item called the Lunarium Key not appearing in an area that is roughly one third of the way through the game.

To spur this bug and halt your progress one must initiate online co-op as a guest (using the Small Resonant Bell) or as a hostile invader (Sinister Resonant Bell) in the Forbidden Woods area. From Software and Sony are working on a hotfix titled 1.02 to combat this, and it’s planned for next week. Apparently the load time optimization will notbe patched when 1.02 hits, and there’s no ETA yet for that fix.

To break this down beyond what Sony sent us, it looks like you can hosta co-op session as normal with the regular Resonant Bell, bringing in other players. But by doing that, you may hilariously be subjecting them to the bug. I’ve actually completed the parameters involved and haven’t run into this glitch, so it seems to have a chance of occurrence involved.

Vague progression spoilers ahead:

It’s best to just avoid Forbidden Woods co-op or PVP altogether for now, but you could always run straight down and kill the trio boss, run past the bugs, then grab the key inside the building. It’s about five minutes from the triple-enemy boss fight. That way you could go back to the Forbidden Woods and explore as normal without fear of losing the key.