Sony, don't play with my heart


Year of the Ape

A few developers have been sharing their support for the Year of the Monkey to kick off 2016, including Vanillaware, but this tweet from Sony really hit me — “2016 Year of the Monkey. Today, SCE will begin working!” It seems innocent enough, but it features a monkey from Ape Escape —a series that isn’t technically defunct — but has been woefully underrepresented for years.

I still remember the first time I ever played the first title, and how I instantly fell in love with the various gadgets (especially theSky Flyer). It was a rare instance where I was completely enthralled while 100%-ing a game the entire time, and the extra ending was totally worth it. Ape Escape 2and 3managed to mostly recapture that magic, but I wasn’t the biggest fan of most of the spinoffs.

I mean, Sony is technically celebrating the series with a PS2-to-PS4 re-release for 2 and 3, sometime this year, but a man can dream.

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